Touhou 1: Highly Responsive to Prayers

The place where it all began. Reimu travels to another world to defend her shrine.

Reimu Hakurei

[Image: Reimu Hakurei]

Baby girl... baby.


[Image: SinGyoku]

One of the very first Touhou characters was genderfluid. Who'dathunk it? The large orb transforms into both the masculine figure and the feminine one.


[Image: YuugenMagan]

In the heart of the lightning, the figure of a girl appears...
It's not known whether YuugenMagan is controlled by the girl or the Evil Eyes. Or... both?


[Image: Mima]

Mima seems more dark and troubled in her first appearance. She even has a knife!
As with many Touhou 1 things, this is never truly explained.


[Image: Elis]

On her sprite, Elis has a red star on her cheek if you look closely. I-is this... a JoJo reference...? (gasp)
She's probably a vampire, since she transforms into a very cute bat sometimes!


[Image: Kikuri]

Known as the "Hellish Moon", I drew the orb in her hands as an actual moon.
In the ending credits, she is shown "leaning" out of the disc that she's confined in.


[Image: Sariel]

The Angel of Death. Their gender is highly disputed, since Sariel in mythology is supposedly male. I don't feel like it's possible for humans to perceive angel genders, and that attempting to do so would fragment one's own sanity.

Big! Fluffy!! Wings~!!!


[Image: Konngara]

The Astral Knight of Hell. Sometimes, her colours change to green instead of red! Also, how come Sariel gets to have a final form but Konngara doesn't? Clearly, ZUN needs to patch it. (that's a joke please don't take it seriously ohno)

It was really fun drawing her dark flames. Such a cool design, for someone who never appeared again!

Tiny Wish-Granting Fairy

[Image: Tiny Wish-Granting Fairy]

Great work, Reimu! You unlocked one wish!
Reimu's Yin-Yang Orb transforms into this fairy in the Makai Route good ending. It is very small.

Joyful Spherical Creature

[Image: Joyful Spherical Creature]

Oh no! This joyous creature simply can't be stopped!
Reimu's Yin-Yang Orb transforms into this jolly creature in the Hell Route good ending. It is very exuberant!

To be continued...